Maura Isles

M      my endless yearning for

A       an answer, signs and wonder to

U       understand, comprehend

R        reality, revealation received

A         always and forever


I         illusive, illusion, illuding me till

S        suddenly,  she appeared

L        lovely  as an idea

E        entering  hearts and minds

S       searching for love, love, love she brings.

Poem babs motee

Picture Rizzoli & Isles TNT


poems from long ago


flowers 007

jan 20th 1981

 I’d like to go back

to yesterday when days were short and

nights were blessed by the angels

life was not an endurance test and

beauty was all around

where is that point around the sun

called yesterday

did it really exist?

I must have dreamed it

Those who peopled that world are no more

where have they gone

are they looking back or

did they get a grasp on things

why did they leave me here

Stranded am I



Before your smile

I never saw fire in the sky

A sunset ends the day



What is it that torments me so

I could’t tell

I just know this must be hell


Fly away little bluebird

Your songs are

wasted on me

I hear your melody


it will not sooth me

I need

arms to hold me

And eyes

so bright

they’ll lift the darkness

of my soul

I must be lifted

and carried

I have not the will

to follow agai n


what pictures do you see

when you hear me say

I love you

I see mountains and the sea

yet here am I

looking back at you

 always looking back at you

when will stand beside me?


No ever !


when you see me walking down the street

you see me walking all alone

when you see me walking down the street

you do not see the lovers at my feet

they hold my hand

they stair into my eyes and

dance me across the street

they show me off to passers by

and help me laugh or cry

they speak of love so sweet

they speak of life and

dreams in sleep

we speak of you and beet

we laugh at you on the street

when you see me on the street

you do not see

the lovers at my feet





my about page is lost

Well this might just be it for an ABOUT page for this blog. It simply disappeared and am done looking for now !!!!!!


So I will share instead jottings from a long time ago, so the voice bears no resemblance to me now. Hope you read and say something too.

On Turning Forty

 yesterday when I was wild and wise

I could not know that loving you was what I most wanted to do

I could not know the stifled breath inside of me

tonight my demons will not be appeased

are restless in the wind

storms upon my weary breast

dark clouds that hide a moon

silent rage overflows and drowns the peace

a quiet rumble rises and my heart begins to moan

no one to talk to no one to hold

no one to see into my soul

as I call to the lazy moon

tears won’t come but my cry rises high and I wait

for the storm my eternal spring and God

babs, apr.94


reality ?

ordinary reality is deceiving

the awareness of the awareness of deceit

will guide you to understand the idea of love


to know love as love is

is to know that you have

no need to comprehend the existential loneliness

no need to seek for happiness  peace and joy

no need to find freedom

no need to blame mother father God they and them

no need to wonder why the human condition


to know love is

to be love

for love is you and you are love

this is the Truth that sets you free

the peace that passeth understanding


to know love as love is

gives you eternal life and shows you the face of God

love is

love of yourself

that which comes from your Self

Self love explains reality love and you without deceit.






A– ancient love

B– beckons

C– come home to Love

D– decide, determine and decree

E– eternal, everlasting

F– forgiveness, and know that

G– goodness is my name in

H– heaven and in the hell

I– i made to hide from

J– jehova is thy name

K– kindred spirits

L– linger near and wait upon

M– my call for death

N– no more, whispering hope

O– of Love divine  and joy excelling

P– peace of mind

Q– questions answered in

S– sacred sounds within and without

T– tormenting noise be stilled

U– until

V–voice of my own

X– x-claim

Y– you are my beloved in

Z– zanadu