Notes On Dreamtime: Rebirthing

By the end of 1990, I moved to the newly developed, gated  and  affluent neighborhood Aventura, near Miami Florida. Wholefoods was not quite the supermarket at the time, so it was very community oriented and there was one in our strip mall. I went there every day, for coffee, tea, special breads and the heavenly pastry, they cooked for me and just about the whole neighborhood, everyone went to wholefoods all day until late at night after the gym, beach, little league baseball, on the way home. You had coffee and broke bread with the kindest of strangers, everyone talked to each other. I loved it.

The community board and news papers were  full of groups for this and groups for that, it was a gold mine for anyone seeking enlightenment, and I was. So, someone wrote an article about Rebirthing and included a local practitioner who lived a few minutes away from me. I kept the article for many months but finally my curiosity got the better of me and I called her and went to explore this “sign” from the “other world” I was now connecting with since talking to “Jimmys’ God”.

Harriet was sent to me from somewhere and Someone, I have absolutely no doubt about it. Rebirthing as I experienced it is a deep continuous breathing exercise, with no pause between breaths so the act of breathing itself becomes a meditation and you enter a state of calm and then drift away to somewhere other than here. While you are there, you get insights, images, memories and a very real experience of peace, comfort, NOT aloneness, but   you are awake, you know that you are not sleeping. Harriets’ job is to make sure you don’t fall asleep so from time to time she will ask you what is going on and you can answer or not but you do not come out of it. After an hour or more as she senses, she will bring you out of  it gently, telling you to come back, so  you change the rhythm of your breath and “come back”.

I did one session a week for about six weeks. I also joined her meditation group on sundays with a few of her friends who were a riot. Dottie was psychic and did readings for fun. Audrey came for the company, I think and I cannot recall any of the others now since they were not regulars like the four of us. They were all sweet and most kind and we met up at wholefoods a lot to eat cake, carrot cake mostly, because it was the best.

During one of my meditation at home by myself, my hands began moving uncontrollably and I got up and reached for  my pen and notebook as if I was told to and so began the infamous automatic writing which lasted for years and years and faskinated me to no end. Dottie the psychic , said I was communicating with my higher self and it was normal to do so once you cleared blocks to the subconscious so I just kept asking questions and receiving answers, some of which I did not understand. It was my new hobby and I had a good time until I got bored and frustrated with not hearing what I wanted to hear. I wrote some poetry and received messages about past lives and the connections with present day relations which made perfect sense to me.

I can honestly say it was a healing experience on many levels. I think the period when I thought I was communicating with my sixteen year old niece who drowned one day when I took her and the others to the beach was most profound. It healed my pain in a way I can’t explain even now. Whether I was talking to myself or spirit does not matter. I found peace and felt love and stopped hurting from that unbearable, constant pain of loss and my anger at God. For this I am eternally grateful.



Notes on Dreamtime: This Road I’m On

My friend Jimmy said to me one time,

” babsie, you  can borrow my God. Just say, Jimmys’ God and start talking. You don’ t like your God so borrow mine. My God is good and really nice all the time, try and see.” So I reconsidered the matter of God for some time after that offer and realized that my idea of God was wrong to begin with. My anger was not justified, my faith misplaced and while I was busy  living in oblivion and proclaiming my righteousness  and passing judgement upon God and all  good things; Love, good —  God was waiting, calling to me in and through all that I was cursing and damning to hell along with my Self.

I met Jimmy at a book group meeting, my friend Alan was joining the group and invited me to visit, since I had nothing else to do that night I went and met some very nice people who welcomed me warmly . I bought the book and joined my first group , we met once a week for six or eight weeks, I think. So that is how I came upon this road I’m on. I kept a journal, began automatic writing, and joined many other groups since then. I did a lot of breath work , spirit writing, spirit dancing, full moon circles, and ended with A Course In Miracles, which is the spiritual practice I follow now. Thank God  I chose peace instead of pain and suffering and dismounted that, “high horse”, I sat upon so uncomfortably for so long, proclaiming my righteousness and damning everyone and everything.

Peace of mind is the only goal worthy of my efforts now. I’ve experienced enough pain, so unbearable at times, that I’ve  cursed heaven and hell and demanded whoever, whatever was in charge make haste and put an end to all of it. But Love is  kind all the time and always. Jimmy loaning me his God was one in many instances of Grace, Love and Help, I received over these many, many years.Thank you dear  friends and strangers all, for guiding me to a God that I am absolutely certain is LOVE and only LOVE.


A psychiatrist suggests ways in which confronting and resolving problems, a painful process most people try to avoid, can lead to greater self-understanding and spiritual growth.