Notes on Dreamtime: This Road I’m On

My friend Jimmy said to me one time,

” babsie, you  can borrow my God. Just say, Jimmys’ God and start talking. You don’ t like your God so borrow mine. My God is good and really nice all the time, try and see.” So I reconsidered the matter of God for some time after that offer and realized that my idea of God was wrong to begin with. My anger was not justified, my faith misplaced and while I was busy  living in oblivion and proclaiming my righteousness  and passing judgement upon God and all  good things; Love, good —  God was waiting, calling to me in and through all that I was cursing and damning to hell along with my Self.

I met Jimmy at a book group meeting, my friend Alan was joining the group and invited me to visit, since I had nothing else to do that night I went and met some very nice people who welcomed me warmly . I bought the book and joined my first group , we met once a week for six or eight weeks, I think. So that is how I came upon this road I’m on. I kept a journal, began automatic writing, and joined many other groups since then. I did a lot of breath work , spirit writing, spirit dancing, full moon circles, and ended with A Course In Miracles, which is the spiritual practice I follow now. Thank God  I chose peace instead of pain and suffering and dismounted that, “high horse”, I sat upon so uncomfortably for so long, proclaiming my righteousness and damning everyone and everything.

Peace of mind is the only goal worthy of my efforts now. I’ve experienced enough pain, so unbearable at times, that I’ve  cursed heaven and hell and demanded whoever, whatever was in charge make haste and put an end to all of it. But Love is  kind all the time and always. Jimmy loaning me his God was one in many instances of Grace, Love and Help, I received over these many, many years.Thank you dear  friends and strangers all, for guiding me to a God that I am absolutely certain is LOVE and only LOVE.


A psychiatrist suggests ways in which confronting and resolving problems, a painful process most people try to avoid, can lead to greater self-understanding and spiritual growth.


3 thoughts on “Notes on Dreamtime: This Road I’m On

  1. We are each on our own journeys – and yes, what you need will arrive. It is up to you whether you choose it or not. There is no judgement. If you choose not, it will reappear next time you are ready for whatever the lesson/learning is.

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