my about page is lost

Well this might just be it for an ABOUT page for this blog. It simply disappeared and am done looking for now !!!!!!


So I will share instead jottings from a long time ago, so the voice bears no resemblance to me now. Hope you read and say something too.

On Turning Forty

 yesterday when I was wild and wise

I could not know that loving you was what I most wanted to do

I could not know the stifled breath inside of me

tonight my demons will not be appeased

are restless in the wind

storms upon my weary breast

dark clouds that hide a moon

silent rage overflows and drowns the peace

a quiet rumble rises and my heart begins to moan

no one to talk to no one to hold

no one to see into my soul

as I call to the lazy moon

tears won’t come but my cry rises high and I wait

for the storm my eternal spring and God

babs, apr.94



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