reality ?

ordinary reality is deceiving

the awareness of the awareness of deceit

will guide you to understand the idea of love


to know love as love is

is to know that you have

no need to comprehend the existential loneliness

no need to seek for happiness  peace and joy

no need to find freedom

no need to blame mother father God they and them

no need to wonder why the human condition


to know love is

to be love

for love is you and you are love

this is the Truth that sets you free

the peace that passeth understanding


to know love as love is

gives you eternal life and shows you the face of God

love is

love of yourself

that which comes from your Self

Self love explains reality love and you without deceit.





3 thoughts on “reality ?

  1. Your comment to me said that you must have got lost. Reading this lovely poem, I doubt it. You seem to be very clear on where you are in the world. I’ll be back when I feel less tired. I should have been in bed hours ago.


      • To make an ‘about’ page, go to your blog, click on ‘my sites’ in the top left-hand corner, look down the list until you get to ‘pages’ just below blog posts. An editing page should come up, with the title ABOUT on it. I hope this is helpful.
        It’s difficult to find youur way about at first. You nay find it useful to do the blogging 101 course. it’s free, and if you open one of the Daily post emails, and click on it it will take you to the Daily post site. Click on ‘Blogging U’ to find out what courses there are, and when. They’re free, and the Blogging 101 course is invaluable.


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