A– ancient love

B– beckons

C– come home to Love

D– decide, determine and decree

E– eternal, everlasting

F– forgiveness, and know that

G– goodness is my name in

H– heaven and in the hell

I– i made to hide from

J– jehova is thy name

K– kindred spirits

L– linger near and wait upon

M– my call for death

N– no more, whispering hope

O– of Love divine  and joy excelling

P– peace of mind

Q– questions answered in

S– sacred sounds within and without

T– tormenting noise be stilled

U– until

V–voice of my own

X– x-claim

Y– you are my beloved in

Z– zanadu


3 thoughts on “ALPHA  POEM  

  1. Oh my goodness. This is beautiful! I hope I’m not being too forward but why haven’t you been writing any more than that? This shows so much creativity. I’m following, so please continue to write, blog and post. I look forward it more! 🙂


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